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   香 港 催 眠 醫 師 及 心 理 治 療 師 公 會
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Hong Kong Guild of
Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists

香 港 催 眠 醫 師
及 心 理 治 療 師 公 會

Practitioner list

The qualification letters you will see after each practitioner's name indicates their standing in the Guild. 'LGHP'(Licentiate) shows a level of competence that may address many difficulties like stress, exam fears, self-confidence issues, smoking cessation, etc. 'MGHP'(Member) shows that the member has completed an advanced training course and is qualified to deal with most problems. 'FGHP' (Fellow) is reserved for those individuals at the top of the profession, who are able to work in a variety of ways and with the highest level of skill and expertise.

(For member who is only trained in psychotherapy, (Psy.) will be stated at the end of the qualification letters shown above.)
(For member who have the Licence issued by Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of the People's Republic of China (人力資源和社會保障部), Position - Mental health consultant 全國心理保健資訊顧問 (崗位) will be stated at the end of the qualification letters shown above.)

Rene Lien PhD Email:

Au Sze Wing, Harriet MGHP  
Cham Lai Ching, Candy MGHP (崗位)  
Chan Hui Ling LGHP  
Chan Ka Wing LGHP  
Chan Mei Sau, May
Chan Suet Wah MGHP (Psy.)  
Chan Syu Yu LGHP  
Chan Tak Chun LGHP  
Chan Tsz King LGHP  
Chan Wai Ling, Daisy MGHP (崗位) http://dcmghp.blogspot.com
Chan Wai Man, Lotus MGHP   
Chan Yan MGHP (崗位)  
Chang Hui Shin LGHP  
Chen Cheng Wei LGHP  
Chen Po Yuan LGHP  
Cheung Amy FGHP  
Chiu Ada MGHP (Psy.)  
Chiu Yee Wan, Evone MGHP http://www.rene-a.net
Choi Hoi Lok MGHP  
Choi Wai Tung LGHP  
Chow Po Nga, Carol MGHP  
Christine Deschemin MGHP http://renewed-edge.com
Chung Shuk Chi, Mishell MGHP (崗位)  
Fiona McKeand MGHP http://www.hongkonghypnotherapy.com
Fung Pok Kwan LGHP  
Ho Tat Man MGHP  
Ho Wai Hung MGHP  
Huang Ya Ling LGHP  
Hui Chi Him, Samual LGHP  
Jen Hu Tseng LGHP  
Kong King Ho Alvin MGHP (崗位)  
Lam Chi Hing LGHP  
Lau Kai Cheong Edsel MGHP (崗位)  
Lau Yuen Shan, Debbie MGHP  
Lee Chi Him MGHP  
Lee Chun Sing Eldon MGHP  
Lee For Wo MGHP  
Lee Hiu Yan LGHP  
Lee Kar Lok MGHP (Psy.)  
Leung Ming Yin LGHP  
Leung Wing Sang LGHP  
Liang Deli LGHP  
Lien Rene FGHP http://www.rene-a.net
Lo Dick Chung LGHP  
Lo Wai Sum Sam FGHP  
Lu Nan Hui LGHP  
Lui Tse Kai, Daniel MGHP  
Lung Elsie MGHP (Psy.)  
Mak Kin Wing LGHP  
Mok Siu Ling, Clara MGHP  
Ng Kwok Ying, Zaphiel LGHP  
Ng Man Wai, Karen MGHP(崗位)  
Ng Siu Kei LGHP  
Ngan Kam Fung Boris MGHP  
Olivier Courret MGHP  
Pan Yi Hsia LGHP  
Paul Murray LGHP  
Peng Bo Cheng LGHP  
Shek May MGHP  
Su Yu Hsiang LGHP  
Sze Yu, Ada
Tam Arthur MGHP (崗位)  
Tan Jiun Ming LGHP  
Tang Kei Yin LGHP  
Terence Watts FGHP http://www.hypnosense.com
To Pui Hong
Tse Pui Kwan Alice
Tsuei Chung Chun, Nastassia MGHP (崗位)  
Tu Yue LGHP  
Tzu Chiang Liu LGHP  
Wang Guobo MGHP  
Wong Chak Sum, Jason LGHP  
Wong Chi Chiu MGHP (Psy.)  
Wong Chi Pong MGHP  
Wong Chui Yee, Evelyn MGHP  
Wong Kin Lai, Gladys MGHP  
Wong Lik Wai, Ray MGHP (崗位)  
Wong Man Sau LGHP  
Wong Po Shan, Sally MGHP (Psy.)  
Wong So Ying MGHP (Psy.)  
Wong Sze Wai, Angus MGHP  
Wong Wai Lin, Phyllis MGHP (崗位)  
Wong Wai Ling, Joan
MGHP (崗位)  
Wong Yiu Fai LGHP
Yu Min LGHP  
Yuen Choi Yuk MGHP  
Yuen Yuet Ching Amy MGHP(崗位)  
Yueng Sze Wan, Peggy MGHP (Psy.) http://www.rene-a.net
Zhang Xu Kai LGHP  

From May 2004, we will no longer list the contact of the members on the webpage which deal to the misuse of the contact by the public and complain from our members.
Not all members place their name and contact here. You are always free to check with us whether the therapist you are seeking is our member and have their contact through us.



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