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香 港 催 眠 醫 師
及 心 理 治 療 師 公 會

Part of research findings of survey conducted in the talk of
Past-life Hypnosis on 12 April

Past-life regression is a controversial hot topic in these years. We seized the opportunity of this talk and conducted a survey on past-life regression. Part of the research findings is as follows. A detailed report will be published later.

According to the survey, those who could find their past-life experience in the talk take up 52% of all participants, and among them, those who thought that the fragment of past-life was come from their imagination take up 46%, and those believed that the fragment was real take up is 4 %. The other 50% come from those who had no idea.

Interestingly, 58% of the participants, who did not believe that there was past-life at the beginning, could find it during the talk.

We should have an open mind to past-life regression and past-life regression hypnotherapy, for more and more researches and clinical case studies have proved the existence of past-life, but sometimes some cases are found not real.

We hope that we can provide a chance of rethinking and repositioning to those interested in past-life regression through this talk. Treasuring everything you are having now is always the message brought by past-life regression.









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